Claims Solutions™

Simplify the Reporting Process:

We review and provide guidance on all reports of injury before they are submitted to the N.Y.S Insurance Fund, 199 Church Street, New York, NY 10007 and the Workers’ Compensation Board, PO Box 5205, Binghamton, NY 13902.

  • Medical Only/No Lost Time report should be completed when possible to reduce the impact on reserves.
  • Minor First Aid claims that qualify may be self paid. We review and adjust all bills to the medical fee schedule rate. This reduces your experience modification and increases your dividends.
  • Just because an incident happened at work does not always make it workers’ compensation. We have many examples where the employer saved thousands of dollars with our guidance of knowing when to file a disability claim verses a workers’ compensation claim.

Claim Handling:

We deal directly with the New York State Insurance Fund, the employee, the employer, the physician, and Workers’ Compensation Board.

  • To ensure the proper and timely completion of all the required forms
  • Track claims to expedite payment
  • Interact with the case managers for claim review
  • Facilitate Early Return to Work
  • Guidance and Assistance in NYWCB Hearing issues

Reserve Reduction Strategy:

The Claims Department works diligently to reduce open reserves and close claims. This reduces experience modifications and increases dividends!

Loss Control Services:

We provide on site inspections to find and mitigate unsafe acts and conditions. We provide training sessions and guidance in developing effective safety programs.

  • Executive Action Reports are provided quarterly to isolate claim patterns and trends to easily identify unsafe acts and conditions
  • Our library of safety and training videos is available free to members

Safety Pays Dividends:

Friedlander Group has been able to return to its safety conscious members an average dividend of 36.4% over the past 16 years.

Friedlander Group will contact providers, injured workers and the human resources team. Whatever is needed. Our Claims Solutions Advisor has developed a collaborative relationship with our agency. He is doing an amazing job with claims management and is wonderful to work with. [Friedlander Group] has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in premiums over 5 years. [Friedlander Group’s] reports have helped our executives prioritize safety.