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Save up to 46% on Your Workers’ Compensation

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How Will You Save?

By focusing on keeping your employees safe and working, we will help you to perform at optimal levels, increase your profits and outshine your competition.

What Savings Will You See?

Businesses that qualify for a Workers’ Compensation Safety Group, underwritten by the New York State Insurance Fund, will receive:

  • Up to a 25% advance discount on their premiums
  • An annual paid dividend, averaging 28% for the past 25 years (dividends are not guaranteed)

Clients received $239 million in paid dividends and saved a total of $550 million, including up to 25% Group discounts, on their workers’ compensation!

How Will We Help You Save?

Friedlander Group reduces your workers’ compensation costs through our unique services and processes, including:

  • Claims Solution Services — We act as your Outsourced Claims administrator and provide unique services such as: The Self-Payment Technique, Reserve Reduction Technique and Claims Solution Meetings.
  • Executive Action Reports — Quarterly reports that identify problematic claims patterns and enable you to improve your safety.
  • Audit Guidance Services — Pre-audit meetings to review all payroll spreadsheets, classification codes, and to ensure you have all correct documentation.
  • Safety Solutions — Onsite inspections and training to eliminate unsafe acts and conditions. Clients have access to our free library of safety and training videos.
  • Fraud Solutions — Our SWAT team identifies and helps prevent suspicious/illegitimate claims from developing, which reduces premium.
  • Policy Services — We skillfully negotiate pricing and renewals, issue certificates of insurance, implement entity and location changes, and resolve billing issues.

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Save up to 46% on your
Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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