Broker FAQ

What commissions do you pay brokers?

Commission percentages are based on total premium written.

Do we have to bill the policy premium and the administration fee?

New York State Insurance Fund bills the premium directly and Friedlander Group bills the fee.

How am I protected from Friedlander Group soliciting my business?

Friedlander Group does not sell any other forms of insurance, other than NY DBL. Friedlander Group does not solicit your accounts. All brokered accounts are coded so that no solicitation mail is ever sent to your client.

What is your maximum up front discount?

25% for Safety Groups and varies for Workers’ Care.

When are the dividends paid?

Dividends are paid approximately eight to nine months after the groups’ expiration dates directly from the New York State Insurance Fund, 199 Church Street, New York, NY 10007.

Will we get copies of the dividends checks?

No, the New York State Insurance Fund issues the checks directly to the policy holder.

Do we get a copy of the policy, endorsement, and audits?

Yes, after we scan the documents into our system, we then mail the hard copy to the broker.

Can the executive officers exclude themselves from coverage?

Yes, provided that there are no more than two executive officers and they in turn own 100% of the outstanding stock. In this instance either both executives can be excluded or only one can be excluded.

Do you accept BOR’s?

Yes, but not on in-house written accounts. In case of BOR’s we do not pay the new broker commission.

My insured is a LLC, are the members automatically covered like corporate officers are?

No, members of a LLC are automatically excluded, the same way partners or sole proprietors are, unless they elect to be included. In this case, an executed Election for Inclusion form must be executed.

The Friedlander Group has rapidly become a key market in our agency by providing competitive products with upfront savings and dividends, coupled with first class service. They are a force in the workers comp marketplace. We are thrilled to have them as a partner.