Rate, Quote & Bind

A Workers' Compensation Policy!


Provide your clients with a workers' compensation policy in as little as 5 minutes!

Using the most sophisticated insuretech in the industry, Friedlander Group is now able to provide our brokers with the ability to rate, quote and bind a policy in as little as 5 minutes through EMPLOYERS®.

Upon first use, you will be asked to sign up and create an account. Signing up is a one-time process that allows you to have the most convenient and seamless quoting process in the future by simply logging-in into your account.


Benefits of Rate, Quote & Bind:

  • All submissions are rated and returned as a quote via auto-underwriting engine. 
  • Quotes are presented and able to be bound in real-time.
  • Brokers can request to push a Quote to a Bind in the control panel and receive a real time response from the carrier along with any documents.
  • Brokers can update the application, make changes and resubmit. Brokers can choose to reject a quote.

  • Quotes can be pulled up, revisited, edited and re-submitted to bind.
  • If a broker chooses to not immediately bind, a copy of the quote is stored inside the panel should you decided to come back and request to bind. 
  • Payment is completed via Direct Bill with the insured responsible for paying the policy through check or EMPLOYERS payment portal.

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EMPLOYERS ® has an A- (Excellent) rating with the A.M. Best Company, has been doing business for over 100 years, and currently writes in 44 states and the District of Columbia. EMPLOYERS ®offers competitive pricing and premium discounts.*

*Quote and premium discount availability subject to applicable underwriting guidelines. EMPLOYERS ® and America’s small business insurance specialist® are registered trademarks of Employers Insurance Company of Nevada. Insurance is offered through Employers Compensation Company, Employers Preferred Insurance Company, Employers Insurance Company of Nevada, and Employers Assurance Company. Not all insurers do business in all jurisdictions. 

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