Preventing Hand Cuts & Lacerations

According to OSHA, 70% of all employee cuts & lacerations are to the hands and fingers! By sharing some simple rules and reminders you can dramatically help decrease the chances of a possible injury.  Print the handout below and distribute to your employees to promote safety!

10 Tips for Preventing Hand Cuts and Lacerations (Printable Employee Handout)

Hand Cute & Lacerations

  1. Use the right tool for the task at hand. An example would be not using a pair of scissors to open a box.

  2. Cut away from your body. Therefore if the blade slips, it will be moving in the direction away from your body.

  3. Use a sharp tool. Using a sharp tool requires you to exert less force and consequently decreases your chances of the blade slipping.

  4. Always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE.) Use the appropriate PPE according to the job. Some PPE would include glasses, gloves, and long sleeve shirts.

  5. Keep blades covered or retracted when the tool is not in use.

  6. Put the object being cut or opened on a stable surface. Try not to use a blade with one hand while holding the object you are cutting in the other.

  7. Limit personal hazards. Remove hanging jewelry, tuck in loose clothing, and pull back your hair.

  8. Keep a clean workspace. A blade can be easily misplaced or go unseen and cause an accidental injury.

  9. Never carry a blade in your pocket, even when retracted or covered.

  10. Never try to catch a falling blade. If the blade starts falling, first back away, then carefully pick it up after all movement has stopped.