Top 5 Restaurant Workers’ Compensation Claims


Friedlander Group Analyzed ~$34 million of restaurant workers’ compensation claims to identify the 5 top restaurant workers’ comp claims.
Type of Claim Claims Cost % of Claims Costs
Slips, Trips, & Falls $16.6 Million 47%
Materials Handling $9.5 Million 26%
Struck By $3.8 Million 11%
Burns $1.6 million 5%
Cuts & Lacerations $1.1 million 3%

Proper Claims Management can help to limit the expense of these claims but accident prevention and achieving zero injuries is the best way to control workers’ compensation costs

Claims were most frequently reported on Mondays and Claims were least likely reported on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

As employee age increases the frequency of claims decreases.

33% of claims come from employees 20-29 y/o.

21% of claims come from employees 30-39 y/o.

17% of claims come from employees 40-49 y/o.

The  Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median age of a restaurant worker is 29.2.

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