Workers’ Care

A custom designed, individual guaranteed cost workers’ compensation program with market leading savings and services!

Our Workers’ Care program will allow you to capture market leading savings regardless of your claims history. If your premium is too large for a safety group, or if your safety needs improvement, we have the solution. We can provide our Workers’ Care services and unique process in conjunction with several carriers and brokers.

Friedlander Group consists of a comprehensive team of professionals specializing in Underwriting, Auditing, Safety, and Claims. Friedlander Group maximizes your productivity and profits by helping keep your number one asset, your employees, working and safe. Through our unique process, we will work as your outsourced workers’ compensation administrator, providing a unique claims process that reduces your costs and improves your bottom line. This has led to Friedlander Group saving our clients $500 million in workers’ compensation premiums.

Donna Nygard and the staff at Friedlander Group are a pleasure to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable with the New York State workers compensation world and have the ability to save my clients money. Who can argue with knowledge and savings! Their claims staff have also assisted Silverstone greatly to keep the claims expense to a minimum. Thank you Donna for your support!

Derek Smith