Audit Solutions

Our Audit Solutions have resulted in clients receiving over $16 Million in returned premium over the last eight years.

Friedlander Group provides outstanding audit guidance of payroll classifications for Workers' Compensation audits. Our specialist has 32 years of experience, including 17 years with the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board. 

Audit Preparation

  • A pre-audit meeting where our specialist assists in the preparation of all pertinent documents.
  • Review of payroll spreadsheets and other payroll records to ensure all payroll is available.
  • Classification evaluation to ensure that the correct codes are applied.

Audit Attendance

  • Our audit specialist attends the annual audit as a client advocate and works with the insurance carrier auditors.
  • Ensures that the audits are completed in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Discusses and answers any questions throughout the audit with the client and insurance carrier auditors.

After the Audit

  • Our audit specialist will follow up with the insurance carrier on the billing of your audit.
  • The audit bill and audit worksheets will be reviewed in detail to ensure that the payrolls were allocated and billed correctly.
  • The audit results will be reviewed directly with the client and/or broker.
  • Copies of the audit bill and audit worksheets will be forwarded via email if needed.

10 Common Workers' Compensation Audit Issues, Suggestions and Tips

Audit Specialist