Unique Services

Our team of industry leading experts provide clients with the following services to further reduce workers' compensation premiums.

Claims Solution™ Services

  • Outsourced claims administration
  • Comprehensive claims management by a dedicated advisor including EFROI submission
  • Management of self-pay process
  • Ongoing communication with the insurance carrier, employee, employer, physician, and Workers’ Compensation Board.
  • Early return to work facilitation
  • Consultations with legal team
  • Proactively manage claims and work with insurance adjusters to reduce open reserves and close claims

To learn more about how our Claims Solution™ Services can assist you please contact Theresa Picco, 914-694-6000, Ext. 202

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Fraud Solutions and Friedlander Group SWAT Team

  • Preemptively and aggressively contains and combats suspicious, fraudulent, and high exposure claims
  • Extensive background and social media checks to detect fraud
  • $20 Million in reserve reductions

To learn more about our SWAT team or to report a fraudulent claim please contact Michael Peragine, 914-694-6000, Ext. 205.

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Safety Solutions

  • Onsite inspections to find and eliminate unsafe acts and conditions
  • Provide training sessions and implement effective safety programs and committees
  • Executive Action Reports are provided quarterly to isolate claim patterns and trends to easily identify unsafe acts and conditions.
  • Our library of safety and training videos is available free to members.

To learn more about our loss control services or to schedule a loss control meeting please contact Raymond Sullivan, 914-694-6000, Ext. 236

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Underwriting Solutions

  • Skillfully negotiate pricing and renewals
  • Issuance of Certificates of Insurance (COI)
  • Process policy endorsements and changes
  • Resolution of billing issues

Audit Solutions

  • Professional guidance on payroll audits and employee classifications
  • Dedicated audit specialist with over 32 years of experience, including 17 years with New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board
  • Our clients have received over $10 million in returned premium over the last two years as a result of our audit review

To learn more about our Audit Solutions services or to schedule an audit review please contact Cecelia Cospito, 914-694-6000, Ext. 211

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