Qualifying Classification Codes

Classification codes that are eligible to join our New York Workers' Compensation Safety Groups. 

Our Safety Groups save clients up to 57% on their workers' compensation insurance. Below are the classification codes that qualify for our seven groups.

United Restaurants of NY – Safety Group #556

9058Hotel Restaurant Employees
9071Full-Service Restaurant
9072Fast Food Restaurant - Including drivers
9074Bars & Taverns

The Social and Health Services Group of New York – Safety Group #585

8854Home Health Care – Prof. Employees
8857Counseling – Social Work – Traveling
9051Home Health Care – Non Prof. Employees

Retail Group of NY Group – Safety Group #544

8382Convenience Stores with Self Serve Gas
7998Hardware Store
8001Florist Store
8008Clothing/Shoe/Dry Goods
8013Jewelry Store
8016Quick Printing
8017Retail (Not Classified)
8025Bicycle Stores
8031Meat/Fish/Poultry Store
8039Department Store
8043Retail (including Food)
8044Furniture Store
8046Auto Accessories
8050Book/Music Store
8069Cellular Telephone Store
8072Book/record/CD Audio
8105Leather Store
9521Furnishing Installation with Retail Store

Wholesale Group of NY – Safety Group #551

4310Greeting Card Dealer
7390Beer/Ale Dealer
7999Hardware Store
8018Wholesale Store/NOC
8021Meat, Fish or Poultry Wholesale
8032Dry Goods/Clothing/Shoe
8034*Grocery Stores
8047Drug Store
8048*Fruit & Vegetables
8111Plumbers Supplies Dealer – Wholesale
8751Route Sales
8044Furniture Wholesale

* Certain Restrictions Apply

The Residential Care Facilities Group of New York – Safety Group #586

8864Developmental Organizations
8865Residential Care Facility
9063Senior Citizen Centers

Hotel and Motel Group of NY – Safety Group #578

9052Hotels, NOC

Oil and Gas Dealers Group of New York – Safety Group #582

8350Gasoline or Oil Dealers - Including drivers
5193Oil or Gas Burner Installation and Service - Including shop and drivers

Financial Services – Safety Group #558

8810Clerical (restricted to insurance agencies, securities firms, banks, financials institutions, credit services, and accounting firms)
8855Banking and Trust Companies (All Empl.) - Clerical and Sales and Drivers
8723Insurance Companies and Clerical and Salespersons
8803Clerical Service Contractor - Traveling

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