Broker Testimonials

"We have placed a number of accounts with the Friedlander Group over the past several years and have been impressed with their responsiveness from the point of submission through the issuance of policy documents. They have enabled clients to shave points off their experience modification factor and have provided real time monitoring of reserves to keep them at appropriate levels. Their claims team provides top notch claims services including six-month claims reviews with the client as needed. Our experience has certainly been a positive one with the Friedlander Group as we help our clients navigate the workers compensation landscape.”"

Stephen R Zogby, Executive Vice President, Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig, Inc., Utica, NY

"Maria Thomas and the Friedlander team always come through when called upon. They are knowledgeable and extremely helpful with their expertise in their Niches. Claim reviews with clients has always been a great bonding experience. The reports and claims data provided make the customer experience as good as it can get. I never hesitate to bring them in! They have helped me with some of my largest accounts. Looking forward for many more years of service! Keep up the great work"

Michael Misiti, Vice President, Bradley & Parker, Inc., Melville, NY

"This report is extremely helpful to us and gives us a great snapshot as to how this account is performing.  The illustrations are well done by Friedlander. Thanks so much for meeting our deadline and providing everything we need."

Debbie Landman, Commercial Lines Account Manager, Scalzo, Zogby & Wittg, Inc., Utica, Inc.

"The Friedlander team has consistently provided Brown & Brown Rochester with some of the very best workers' compensation products in New York State. Their prompt service and customer support add value to our service-driven client focus. Prompt, knowledgeable service accompanied by industry claim experts fit hand and glove with our approach to managing our clients long term cost of risk."

Andre Valente, Account Executive, Brown & Brown of New York, Inc., Rochester, NY

We turned to Friedlander at that point (October 2018) to assist with trying to appeal that rule for the following reasons. I knew it was a longshot, but it never hurts to ask:

- There is not the same level of hazard associated with an employee who is not physically working (but still on payroll) with one that is waiting tables and working in/out of the kitchen area

- The employer is trying to keep their valuable employees during their restoration period so they can bring them back on when they reopen; but by paying Workers' Compensation premiums at a rate the employees are not associated with (temporarily) is causing financial hardship during this period after their loss.

We have been working with Cecelia Cospito (Work comp Audit Specialist) with this matter, and she has helped guide us through the process, advocated on ours and the client's behalf, and negotiated our argument with NYSIF. Around mid-January, we made some ground when NYSIF met internally and decided that they would send an auditor out to meet with the insured and discuss the circumstances.

Today our client met with the auditor and shared her results with me:

We have successfully appealed the idle time rule and the payroll will be moved from the restaurant class to the clerical class during the reconstruction period; ultimately resulting in a $9–10K credit due to the insured

The auditor told the insured that it is very difficult to win an appeal so we had a compelling argument

The insured advised to me she was very pleased with how we (M&S and Friedlander) advocated on her behalf and was beside herself with how excited she was with the results.

With that said—I wanted to make sure that Cecelia knows how thankful we are that she was a part of this process and we couldn’t have done it without her! I personally have never attempted to appeal anything with the NYS WCB; but she took our goal, provided guidance and made it happen! At the end of the day, we have a very happy client (which is connected to other accounts that we have with Friedlander)!

Nice work! Thanks again to everyone involved! We really appreciate your partnership.

Jodi Nobile, Senior Commercial Account Representative, Marshall and Sterling, Saratoga Springs, NY

"Donna Nygard and the staff at Friedlander Group are a pleasure to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable with the New York State workers compensation world and have the ability to save my clients money. Who can argue with knowledge and savings! Their claims staff have also assisted Silverstone greatly to keep the claims expense to a minimum. Thank you Donna for your support!"

Derek Smith, Director – Home Care Program, SilverStone Group, Omaha, NE

"As an employee owned agency with over 200 employee owners in 12 offices located in New York State, Connecticut and Rhode Island, Rose & Kiernan ranks as one of the top 50 largest regional insurance brokerage firms in the United States. I've known Adam Friedlander for over 25 years and can attest to the Friedlander Group's integrity and commitment to providing effective workers' compensation claims, risk management, and premium cost containment services which has provided our firm a competitive edge in the marketplace. Donna Nygard, Friedlander's VP of Brokerage Sales and Client Relations, has proven to be very effective in helping to establish new client relationships."

Charlie Daniels, CPCU, Executive Vice President, Rose and Kiernan, Inc

"The team from Friedlander group consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty for HUB's clients. In my personal experience working with them, they have done an outstanding job in working with many of my restaurant customers and are a valued partner of mine. They are extremely attentive and well-staffed, and we look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with their team!"

Robert Fiorito, Vice President, HUB International Northeast, New York, NY

"For most of my forty years in the insurance business I have focused on trying to provide the best Workers' Compensation program to each of my commercial clients. Friedlander Group assists me in offering competitive pricing and tremendous claims handling. I am delighted to have them as my partners!"

Jim Mickles, CLU, Don Allen Agency, Inc., Rochester, NY

"I have been working with the Friedlander Group for quite a number of years. Our relationship has been extremely beneficial to my organization. In particular, with my beer wholesaler clients, the value of their involvement cannot be overstated. On all levels such as claim reviews, marketing, underwriting & audit review, Friedlander brings very much to the table."

Jack Corsitto, President, Thomas B. Corsitto, Inc., Seaford, NY

"The reason I have and will continue to use Friedlander is simple. The service they provide has been nothing short of fantastic and Donna really takes care of business. The fact that dividends are paid really takes them over the top."

William H. Scott, Jr., President, Scott Danahy Naylon Co. Inc., Amherst, NY

"The Friedlander Group and Donna Nygard are incredible to work with!!! They respond to the many issues in placing new business and provide answers quickly. Glad that we are working with Donna and the Friedlander Group!"

Paul S. Pellerito, Area Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., Tampa, FL

"The 25% Dividend is great news Adam & Donna! I Love Friedlander!"

John Abrams, John Abrams & Associates Insurance Agency Inc., Newburgh, NY

"Being one of the largest restaurant writers in New York, Friedlander Group provides us with quick turn around and excellent service with their Restaurant Safety Group. Donna Nygard goes the extra mile for her agents and consistently keeps us well informed on important developments. The Friedlander crew is extremely helpful and we enjoy working with such professionals."

Shelia B. Jeffries, Masters Coverage Corp., Chestnut Ridge, NY

"The Friedlander Group was extremely instrumental in helping us obtain a sizeable new client. Their overall Workers Compensation premium savings and professional risk management services is key to gaining and retaining business in the current workers compensation market."

Andrew H. Marks, Senior Executive Vice President, Bollinger Insurance, Short Hills, NJ

"The Friedlander Group is a great resource for our agency and our clients have benefited tremendously. Many thanks to Adam, Cosmo and the Friedlander team for helping us provide great service and competitive pricing."

David L. Spiro, AAI, The Excelsior Group, Inc, Valley Stream, NY

"Thank you and congratulations to The Friedlander Group on your continued success in managing your Workers Compensation Safety Groups allowing our mutual Clients the benefit of substantial annual dividends. This added value has proven to be beneficial to our Clients year after year. Your expertise and Broker/Client interaction has created an advantage in this competitive marketplace. Keep up the great work!"

Angie Castella, Senior VP, York International Agency, Harrison, NY

"As one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the nation, we at Marshall & Sterling must provide only the most exceptional products and services to our clients. Friedlander provides us with outstanding workers' compensation products for our clientele, giving us a competitive edge in today's turbulent marketplace. As our Relations Manager Donna Nygard's level of support and service is unparalleled."

Katy Pagano, Sales and Development Coordinator, Marshall & Sterling, Inc., Poughkeepsie, NY

"Friedlander's Safety Groups provides us with Competitive Workers' Compensation Coverage. The Service is the best in the industry. Cosmo Preiato brings service to a whole new level."

Krystyn L. Vincent, Commercial Lines Manager, Wilbert-Wenner-Mancino Insurance Agency, Marcy, NY

"Friedlander Safety Groups provide us with the peace of mind to know that we are providing our clients with the very best pricing approach. In most cases, customers are amazed at how much they can save with the back-end dividend in addition to the low NYS assessment! Friedlander is clearly a long-term solution to an area of concern for most business owners operating in NY."

Mark Crisafulli, Account Executive, Haylor, Freyer & Coon Inc, North Syracuse, NY

"Friedlander's Safety Groups provide us with a marketing niche advantage to write new accounts. My clients have thanked me for introducing them to Friedlander's Safety Groups. They have the best interests of my clients at heart."

Brian F. Oddo, Sales Executive, CH Insurance Brokerage Svcs Co, Syracuse, NY

"The Friedlander Group has rapidly become a key market in our agency by providing competitive products with upfront savings and dividends, coupled with first class service. They are a force in the workers comp marketplace. We are thrilled to have them as a partner."

Rick Struzzieri, VP Marketing, Sterling & Sterling, Woodbury, NY

"I would like to express again, the ease of doing business with Friedlander Group and commend your expeditious, conscientious and attentive staff. It's good to know that there still are companies out there with that personal touch. Please thank, Cosmo Preiato for his help."

Kathy A. Weaver, R. J. Battaglia Agency, West Seneca, NY

"I thought I was going to lose one of our largest accounts until Maria Thomas of the Friedlander Group showed us how competitive they can be in their designated Safety Groups. You would be crazy not to give her a call."

Robert J. Fregenti, CIC, President, R.J. Fregenti Associates, Inc., Jericho, NY

"For 10 years Friedlander Workers Compensation Safety Groups have helped us serve our customers by providing them with competitive premiums, annual dividends, quality service including claim reviews. Their dividend payment record consistently sets the standard for the industry."

William A Blumstein, CPCU, Blumstein & Levine, Inc.

"For more than 10 years, our clients have been extremely impressed with the service received from Friedlander on their Workers' Compensation Safety Groups. Year after year, these groups have consistently returned some of the most competitive premium dividends in the industry."

Stephen S. Levy, Consultant, National Property & Casualty Services

"The Friedlander Group does a super job from both an underwriting and claims standpoint. The nice up-front discounts and dividends are only the icing on the cake. I believe in the power of Safety Groups and have been doing business for the past 5 years with the Friedlander Group."

Peter S. Treiber, CPCU, Retail Division President, The Treiber Group

"Friedlander Safety Groups help us provide our clients with stability, service and savings in this turbulent insurance market. In this perfect storm of a down economy and hard insurance market, our clients are looking for every edge we can give them. Friedlander Safety Groups are a great tool to do exactly that."

Jeffrey L. Rubin, Senior V.P. & CT/Westchester Branch Manager, HUB International Northeast

"The Friedlander Group provides cost effective workers compensation, in an efficient manner, all the while protecting the broker/customer relationship, even enhancing it."

Robert J. Ryan Jr., CIC, President, Robert J. Ryan, Inc.

"I placed one of my most valued clients into one of Friedlander's Workers Comp. Safety Groups. My client is pleased with the huge savings and prompt service and our relationship is stronger as a result. It's a Win-Win situation!"

Marc A. Spiro, President & CEO, Marc Spiro & Company

"It is a pleasure working with a professional staff and also having a product that 'breaks down doors' at the same time. I just landed a large wholesaler on Long Island who greatly appreciated the savings I brought to the table. Thanks to the Friedlander Safety Groups I am able to get in the door and do the right job. Keep up the great work!"

Santa J. Cafiero, CIC, President, Premier Risk, Inc.

"Friedlander Group has once again helped us to keep a client happy by reducing their workers compensation costs. We just placed two department stores in the retail safety group and the client is happy to see a savings on his insurance. The whole process was quick and easy."

Glenn Binday, Vice President, Advocate Brokerage Corp.

"The Friedlander Group consistently produces quality and timely proposals with quick response to our questions and placement requests. The history of the Friedlander Group speaks for itself and the quality of your staff will continue to make your Safety Groups successful."

Tony Capone, CIC
Jim Murphy, CIC, Newbridge Coverage Corp., North Bellmore, NY

"The Friedlander Group has done a great job helping us secure and retain our restaurant accounts. Their service is responsive and reliable, they offer a steady market, and the dividend experience has been outstanding."

Bob Kallman, President, Kallman Insurance Agency, Inc., Poughkeepsie, NY

"We have used the Friedlander Workers' Comp Safety Group to open doors to new accounts and to lower our current clients Workers' Compensation costs. Friedlander delivers stability in an uncertain market and their underwriters are prompt in returning our calls and getting us the quotes."

Marcy Ruchman, Ruchman Associates, Rockville Centre, NY

"The Friedlander Group's workers' compensation program helped us a great deal with saving our clients money. Their service and responsiveness exceeded our expectations and further solidified our relationships with our valued customers. Their safety groups helped our agency get into several new prospects and generate new accounts at the same time locked out all competition."

Steve Lombardozzi, Sano Brokerage, Garden City, NY

"Offering a safety group to a client can be used as a door opener or a way of retaining an account. Moreover, it can be a means of regaining a lost account. An account that I once lost to competition several years ago called me to review their insurance. They said they always remember me when they receive their yearly dividend check from the Friedlander wholesale safety group. Once you sell a safety group to a client the door is always open."

Jeffrey Krugman, Krugman & Krugman, Floral Park, NY

"In my opinion the Friedlander Group as a whole is the best at what they do."

Steve Gottlieb, President, Harry Gottlieb & Co., Inc., Floral Park, NY

"The Friedlander Workers Compensation Safety Groups provide a great market if you have been dealing with a self-insured trust. With the recent funding issues of the trusts, we have found Friedlander's Safety Groups a great competitive alternative, with a proven track record of financial stability and service."

Michael A. Romeo, Sr. Industrial Coverage Corp., Medford, NY

"Friedlander has been integral in helping our firm, a hospitality niche wholesaler, write and retain many accounts in this evolving marketplace. They've delivered when others were pure rhetoric. We anxiously look forward to a mutually sustained and thriving affiliation."

Robert Del Rosso, Vice President Hospitality & Leisure Division, Genatt Associates, Inc., New Hyde Park, NY

"The Friedlander Group was a tremendous asset with the last account that I placed into their safety group. I was trying to move a large and complicated restaurant account out of a trust and into their safety group. Everyone at Friedlander that I worked with had one goal — to place the account in the group. They helped in every way possible to secure the account. I can't say enough about the job everyone at the Friedlander Group did. Thank you!"

JD Delmonico, Delmonico Associates, Inc., Syracuse, NY

"Writing workers' compensation with Friedlander has helped our agency retain current customers as well as open the door to new business. The service is excellent and they are a very Broker friendly organization. They make our job of selling workers compensation a lot easier in a very competitive marketplace."

Stephen Mather, HMS Agency, Inc., Latham, NY

"We were pleased when Friedlander announced the addition of supermarkets to their stable of eligible classes. So was our client when they learned that their dividend was virtually guaranteed, even if they had a bad year. Whether you're looking for new business or protecting a valuable client from competition, make sure you call Friedlander."

Rich de la Sota, CPCU, Sr. Vice President
Fred Rehberger, Account Exec. MRW Group, Inc., Huntington, NY