Claims Solution™ Services

Friedlander Group's exceptional team offers expert guidance and comprehensive claims management, supported by a dedicated claims solution consultant.

Outsourced Claims Administration

  • Comprehensive claims management. All claims are reported directly to your Claims Consultant who recommends if they should be self-paid or submitted via EFROI. Secure Friedlander Group Client Portal offering 24/7 online claims reporting and reports.
  • EFROI (Electronic First Report Of Injury) This process can save you up to three times your out-of-pocket costs by lowering your experience modifications over three years and decreasing claim frequency, resulting in better future premium pricing.
  • Employee advocacy and accountability.
  • Ongoing communications with the insurance carrier, employee, employer and physician.
  • Guidance and Assistance in New York Workers' Compensation Boardhearing issues.
  • Early return to work facilitation.
  • Consultations with legal team.
  • Proactively manage claims and work with insurance adjusters to reduce open reserves and close claims.
  • All claims are assessed for "red flags."  If identified, a referral is made to our Fraud Solutions (SWAT Team).

The Self-Payment Technique™

  • Self-pay first-aid claims to keep them “out of the system.”
  • Our dedicated team audits and reduces all medical bills to the workers’ compensation medical fee schedule and instructs the employer on how to issue the reduced payment.
  • This process saves up to three times your out of pocket costs by reducing three years of experience modifications and reduces claim frequency which improves future premium pricing.

Reserve Reduction Technique

  • Your Claims Solution Team works to identify claims appropriate for reserve reduction and works with the carrier to have claims closed or reserves decreased.
  • Reserve reductions are tracked and reported to clients.
  • This technique results in up to three times the cost savings on clients' experience modifications.

Claims Solution Meetings

  • We offer ongoing claims reviews to discuss larger open claims, isolate any patterns of unsafe acts or conditions, obtain updated claims information, all with the goal of saving you money by improving safety.
  • We provide customized and actionable state of the art reports.
  • When safety challenges are identified, our safety specialist helps clients implement our safety solutions.

To learn more about how our Claims Solution Services can assist you please contact: