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Save up to 46% on your workers' compensation premiums in the Social & Health Services Group of New York - Safety Group #585


The Social & Health Services Safety Group is a collection of safety-conscious home healthcare agencies in New York State that receive low-cost, fully insured workers' compensation insurance through the New York State Insurance Fund.

Eligible members include home healthcare agencies, counseling and social work providers located in New York State that have a proven track record of safety. 

Subject to loss history, qualifying members may receive an upfront group discount of up to 35%. The individual premiums of the group members are pooled and, after paying claims and expenses, the profits of the group are returned to members in the form of a dividend.

Since 2011, our average paid dividend to social & health service providers is 22%. 


Social Service providers with the following payroll classification codes qualify for the Social & Health Services Group of New York #585:

  • 8854 Home Health Care - Prof. Employees
  • 8857 Counseling - Social Work - Traveling 
  • 9051 Home Health Care - Non Prof. Employees


Members of the Social & Health Service Group of New York save up to 46% on their workers' compensation premiums through a combination of upfront discounts and dividends. Clients in this group capture additional savings on their premiums through Friedlander Group's comprehensive claims solutions and other unique services.

Group Discounts

Qualifying members may receive up to a 35% group discount just for joining. 

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Since 2011, the average dividend paid to members is 22%.

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Unique Services

Clients enjoy comprehensive services that help further reduce their workers' compensation costs. 

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Clients enjoy our comprehensive services that help further reduce their workers' compensation costs, including:

Lowest Prices

We negotiate the lowest prices for our clients with the New York State Insurance Fund.

Claims Solution Services

Comprehensive claims management & aggressive reserve reductions by a dedicated claims solutions consultant. 

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Helping employers fight against fraud by preemptively & aggressively containing & combating suspicious, fraudulent & high exposure claims.

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Executive Action Report

Actionable & customizable reports that enable clients to significantly reduce claims & premium by identifying patterns of root cases & eliminating them.

Culture of Caring

Creating an environment for maximized employee productivity & profits by using strategies to communicate that management cares for their employees.

Audit Services

Friedlander's audit specialist has generated over $10 Million in additional premium savings by helping clients with their workers' compensation audits.

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Safety Solutions

Professional guidance on how to organize and run safety committee meetings. On-site safety training, loss control, seminars, video library and posters.

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Experience Mod Review

Have your prior experience modification ratings expertly reviewed. You pay nothing unless we save you money!


Friedlander Group is the leader in workers' compensation forRestaurants, Retailers, Wholesalers, Hotels & Motels, Oil & Fuel Dealers, Home Healthcare Agencies, Residential Care Facilities, Financial Services and Building Material Dealers in New York State. As the manager of nine Safety Groups underwritten by the New York State Insurance Fund, we have saved thousands of clients over $688 Million in workers' compensation costs since 1992.

Friedlander Group's mission is to maximize our clients’ productivity and profits by keeping their employees working and safe.

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