2021 Retail Group Workers' Comp Claims

2021 Retail Group Workers' Comp Claims

April 05, 2022

2021 Retail Group Workers' Comp Claims

Friedlander Group completed an analysis of the 2021 Retail Group of New York workers' compensation claims to come up with the most frequent and costly claims. 

In 2021, The Retail Group had 648 members. During the year, the group had 236 workers' comp claims with a total value of $2,600,027.

It is worth noting, that the most frequent and costly claims differ in rank.

Below is the breakdown of the most frequent and costly workers' compensation claims.

2021 Most Frequent Retail Workers' Compensation Claims

The Retail Group has 236 workers' compensation claims. Below is the breakdown by Injury Type. 

Cuts & Lacerations 53 Claims
Slips, Trips & Falls 48 Claims
Struck By 36 Claims
Materials Handling 30 Claims
Caught15 Claims
Automobile8 Claims
Assault8 Claims
Push/Pull7 Claims
Burn 6 Claims
Occupational5 Claims 
Other 4 Claims
Bending 3 Claims
Twisted3 Claims
Exposure3 Claims
Eye Injury 2 Claims
Death2 Claims
COVID-192 Claims
Animal Bite1 Claims

2021 Most Costly Retail Workers' Compensation Claims

Slip, Trips & Falls33% of claims cost
Automobile21% of claims cost
COVID-1914% of claims cost 
Lifting 12% of claims cost 
Cut7% of claims cost 
Caught4% of claims cost
Occupational3% of claims cost
Struck By2% of claims cost 
Assault1% of claims cost
Push/Pull1% of claims cost

The most expensive Slip, Trip & Fall claims were often from items left on the floor, changes in elevation (climbing or descending steps, stairs, and vehicles), and wet floors.

Automobile accidents were the 6th most frequent type of injury caused but the second most expensive. There were eight incidents reported for a total value of $556,490.

Materials Handling claims result from lifting and moving items without the use of equipment. These are commonly back and shoulder claims

Proper Claims Management can help to limit the expense of claims, but accident prevention and achieving zero injuries is the best way to control workers' compensation costs. Keeping your employees working and safe is the ultimate goal of any employer trying to improve their bottom line. Below are Safety Articles to help prevent employee injuries!

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