Are Your Employees Working on Labor Day?

Are Your Employees Working on Labor Day?

August 29, 2019

With the American civilian labor workforce now reaching 160 million people, Labor Day is a celebration across the nation! To honor and commend their employees, organizations typically assign Labor Day as a paid holiday. But some companies are unable to do so because of different circumstances. Labor Day still remains the most common paid holiday in the country, yet 40% of employers have indicated they need at least some employees working on Labor Day.

Showing Employee appreciation can always help to boost your employee morale and productivity but on holidays it is especially important to acknowledge your employee’s hard work!

Tools Employees Use While Working on Labor Day

5 Tips to Boost Employee Morale and Maintain Productivity while working on Labor Day!

Everyone Loves Food: It’s not about how big the gesture is, it’s that you made an effort to show your employees you appreciate them. Offer employees working on Labor Day a token of appreciation such as free coffee and donuts in the morning, or ordering a couple of pizzas for them at lunch!

Public Appreciation: Feature your working employees on a digital platform to show you recognize their hard work and dedication!

Acknowledge Employees: Words can go a long way. Be sure to thank your employees, especially the ones working on Labor Day. Send them an email, write a note, or even better tell them in person how much they contribute to your business and how their work makes a difference!

Flex Hours: Everyone knows that feeling of the last endless half-hour of work. If possible, offer employees the option to leave a half-hour early or start a little late!

Overtime: What better way to thank employees for their hard work than with extra compensation. This may not always be plausible for employers, but even an additional $.50 an hour can go a long way!