How to Improve your Bottom Line

June 29, 2020

Employers are always struggling to find ways to increase their bottom line, but often overlook a very simple and effective approach: Improving Employee Safety.

Companies can that effectively communicate & implement safety as an integral part of their workplace culture have fewer claims, less fraud, lower premiums, and increased productivity and profits.

By focusing on your employees’ safety you will almost be guaranteed to increase your profits in a couple of ways.

1. A culture of caring established by management is contagious. When your employees feel cared for their productivity sky rockets.

2. A decrease in workers’ compensation claims will lead to a lower experience modification resulting in lower workers' comp premiums.

3. With a better claims history, your business will become more attractive to insurance companies and you can qualify for more competitive quotes and specialty programs such as Safety Groups.

These Safety Groups are industry specific and only allow businesses in New York with a proven track record of safety to join. Safety Groups help members save by offering upfront discounts as well as annual dividends.

Friedlander Group manages 7 Safety Groups that help clients save up to 46% on their premiums. Since 1992, we have paid a quarter of a billion in dividends and saved clients a total of $500 million on workers’ comp. So think of safety as a competitive advantage and to save money.

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