OSHA 300A Form

January 13, 2022
Each January we get many questions from clients about OSHA record-keeping and what needs to be submitted for the previous year. OSHA record-keeping can be a confusing topic with different requirements based on your industry and employee count.
Please follow the guidelines below to assist with proper OSHA record-keeping.
  • Establishments* with 250 employees or more must submit their information from OSHA Form 300 A into the ITA (Injury Tracking Application).
  • Establishments with 20 to 249 employees in these industries must submit their information from OSHA Form 300A as well.
  • Establishments with fewer than 20 employees do not need to submit anything, but they need to post their Form 300A for all employees to view. It must be posted from 2/1 through 4/30.
The OSHA Form 300A must be submitted to the ITA by March 2, 2022.

What is defined as an Establishment?

Each one of your facilities could be considered a separate establishment. An establishment is a single physical location where business is conducted or where services or industrial operations are performed. For activities where employees do not work at a single physical location, such as construction; transportation; communications, electric, gas and sanitary services; and similar operations, the establishment is represented by main or branch offices, terminals, stations, etc. that either supervise such activities or are the base from which personnel carry out these activities.”
For example a Home Healthcare Agency with multiple branches would have an equal number of establishments and branches. But a Home Healthcare Agency with only one main office would have one establishment. 
Social Service agencies will often have multiple establishments, but the ones with less than 20 employees don’t need to report.

OSHA Forms & Workers' Compensation

Friedlander Group tracks all of an organizations injuries, whether or not they were reported to the carrier. By keeping detailed records we can easily help our clients complete their OSHA 300A Forms.

By tracking every injury we are able to eliminate the root causes of your injuries and help implement meaningful corrective action to reduce your likelihood of an employee injury and workers' compensation claims. For more information about root cause identification and meaningful corrective action, watch, What to do when an Employee is Injured at Work.

As we keep a detailed record of all incidents, clients can access their injury reports through their client portal to help complete the OSHA 300A Form and ensure you do not miss any incidents. Access your client portal here.

If you need assistance with your OSHA 300A form, please contact the Friedlander Group safety specialist, Raymond Sullivan