SWAT Reaches $20M in Savings

SWAT Reaches $20M in Savings

December 11, 2023

Friedlander Group's SWAT Team Tops $20M in Savings

Since 1992, the Friedlander Group has stood as a distinguished leader, providing comprehensive workers' compensation solutions to a variety of industries in New York. These include Retailers, Wholesalers, Restaurants, Hotels, Oil Dealers, Home Health Care Agencies, Residential Care Facilities and Financial Services. In 2012, the organization took a proactive stance in the ongoing battle against workers' compensation fraud by introducing the Fraud Solutions (SWAT) team.

The SWAT team emerged in response to the identified need to confront the escalating challenges presented by workers' compensation fraud across the diverse sectors served by the Friedlander Group. Recognizing the potential harm that fraudulent claims could inflict on businesses and the overall integrity of the workers' compensation system, the organization made a deliberate move to address these concerns.

The success of the SWAT team lies in its adept ability to identify and address common red flags associated with workers' compensation fraud. Since its establishment in 2012, the SWAT team has evolved consistently, staying ahead of emerging tactics employed by those seeking to exploit the system. The team's dedication and effectiveness in identifying and addressing fraudulent claims have not only shielded businesses but have also resulted in substantial savings, exceeding $20 million in 2023.

“Our SWAT Team has successfully protected clients, resulting in a savings of $20 million in fraudulent claims costs. Clients are delighted with their substantial savings and newfound empowerment to take control of the process of combating fraud,” said Adam Friedlander, President of the Friedlander Group, Inc.

As of 2022, workers' compensation fraud remains a significant issue in New York and nationwide. According to The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, the annual cost of workers’ compensation fraud amounts to a staggering $34 billion ($9 billion from premium fraud and $25 billion in claims fraud). 

New York has witnessed a 30% increase in workers' comp fraud cases and fraudulent claims, underscoring the critical importance of initiatives like the SWAT team.

The Friedlander Group's commitment to combating workers' compensation fraud underscores its proactive stance in ensuring the well-being of its clients and the overall health of the industries it serves. As the SWAT team continues to achieve milestones and successes, the Friedlander Group remains at the forefront of promoting fairness, integrity, and financial security in the realm of workers' compensation.