Top 3 Wholesale Workers’ Compensation Claims

Top 3 Wholesale Workers’ Compensation Claims

May 06, 2019

Leading Wholesale Workers' Compensation Claims

Friedlander Group analyzed hundreds of wholesale clients workers'compensation claims valued at $11.25 million to determine the 3 Leading Types of Wholesalers Workers Compensation Claims. These three types of claims accounted for 78% of all claims cost and 66% of the frequency of claims that occurred.

1. Slips, Trips & Falls - These claims were the leader by far. They accounted for 40% of the total claims cost at $4.5 million. Slips, Trips, and Falls were also the most frequent type of claim for wholesalers, accounting for 33% of the total claims that occurred. Four out of every seven of wholesale workers' compensation slip, trip and fall claims were from employees exiting trucks, cars and forklifts. 

2. Lifting Injuries - Lifting Injuries account for 25% of the total claims cost at $2.8 million. They accounted for 18% of workers' compensation claims occurred. Interestingly, 8 out of every 17 lifting injuries were to employees shoulders. 

Here is an article to help protect your employees from manual lifting injuries. 

3. Struck By - Stuck By injuries accounted for 13% of the total claims cost at $1.5 million. These injuries accounted for 15% of the workers' compensation claims that occurred. Some example of the most frequent root causes of struck by claims were falling products from shelving, moving equipment (such as forklifts), and opening and closing doors. 

When do Whole Workers' Compensation Claims Occur?

73% of claims occurred during the beginning half of the business week. The claims increased in frequency from Monday until their peak on Wednesday. 19% of the claims occurred on Monday, 20% on Tuesday, and 24% on Wednesday.


Employees in their 30's & 40's reported 50% of the total workers' compensation claims. This aligned with the medium age of a Wholesale worker of 41.9 years old (Bureaus of Labor Statistics). 

Employees in their 20's reported 22% of workers' compensation claims. 

Employees in their 50's reported 18% of workers' compensation claims.

Employees in their 60's reported 7% of workers' compensation claims. 

Proper Claims Management can help to limit the expense of these claims but accident prevention and achieving zero injuries is the best way to control workers' compensation costs.