Gain & Retain Clients through their Workers' Compensation! 

Don't be like Bob

Don't be like Bob and lose clients by not providing them with the lowest cost workers' compensation insurance in New York! Gain and Retain clients by providing them with competitive workers' compensation that fits their price and service needs. Our workers' comp programs enable clients to save up to 57% on their workers' compensation insurance through employee safety and claims administration.

Brokers receive 50% of the administration fees on all New Safety Group Business for three policy periods! 


Safety Groups work by only allowing businesses in New York, with a proven track record of safety to join. Qualifying members receive an upfront group discount of up to 35%. Premiums are then pooled and after paying claims and expenses the profits of the group are returned to members in the form of a dividend. Since 1992, our average paid dividend is 29%.

After discounts and dividends, Safety Group members save up to 57% on their workers' compensation premiums. 


Broker Partners

$300 Million


$550 Million



“The Friedlander Group was extremely instrumental in helping us obtain a sizeable new client. Their overall Workers Compensation premium savings and professional risk management services is key to gaining and retaining business in the current workers compensation market.”

- Andrew H. Marks, Senior Executive Vice President, Bollinger Insurance, Short Hills, NJ

“The reason I have and will continue to use Friedlander is simple. The service they provide has been nothing short of fantastic and Donna really takes care of business. The fact that dividends are paid really takes them over the top.”

- William H. Scott, Jr., President, Scott Danahy Naylon Co. Inc., Amherst, NY

“The team from Friedlander Group consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty for HUB’s clients. In my personal experience working with them, they have done an outstanding job in working with many of my restaurant customers and are a valued partner of mine. They are extremely attentive and well-staffed, and we look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with their team!”

- Robert Fiorito, Vice President, HUB International Northeast, New York, NY

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